How to Save Time and Money With Same Day Tenancy Cleaning Services

If you need to move houses in a hurry, you still have to contend with the issue of end of tenancy cleaning. This is more so if you need the tenancy deposit back to ease the moving.  Your best option, in this case, would be to use same day tenancy cleaning London services to do the job quickly and professionally. This will guarantee that the job is done first time right, and that you get your tenancy deposit back in good time.

Better resources

A cleaning service will have several cleaners, and a list of reserves to be called up when a big job comes up. This means that if you want cleaning finished in a short time, the cleaning service will add manpower. The cleaning service also has heavy duty equipment including scrubbers to clean off stubborn dirt and stains.

The good thing about hiring a cleaning service is that you do have to go through the hassle of hiring cleaning equipment, or buying cleaning detergents and bleaches. The cleaning service will come to the job fully loaded and includes all costs in the final bill. This would be highly convenient if you have to juggle tasks, and have no time to go around buying this equipment and cleaning materials.

Time convenient

Moving houses is a stressful exercise. There are hundreds of items to park, kids to organize, rearranging the new house and other tasks. Going back to your old house to do end of tenancy cleaning is not possible in some circumstances, for example, when you move to another city.  A cleaning service comes in handy to do this task even if you are not present. You can arrange for the landlord to open the house, have the cleaners do their work and wait for the tenancy deposit.

First time done right

If you had to do same day cleaning by yourself, it is highly likely that the results will not impress the landlord. With a professional cleaning service, you are sure that the job will be done right as the cleaning crew has the skills and experience to pull off a good job in a short time.

This reduces the chances that the landlord will dispute the job, which can eat into your time and money. If your tenancy deposit was hefty, it is a smart option to use a professional cleaning service. The money spent on same day tenancy cleaning services can be counted as well spent since you get your tenancy deposit back intact.

End of Tenancy Cleaning Advice to Pass Inspection

Are you looking to do end of tenancy cleaning, and are not sure how to go about it? Indeed, end of tenancy cleaning could end up costing you a lot if it is not done the right way. The landlord has a right to dispute a shoddy job, and hold on to your tenancy deposit. Many tenancy disputes arise from this type of scenario. Here is some end of tenancy cleaning advice to ensure that the job is done first time right and passes the landlord’s inspection.

Hire a professional cleaning service

It is easy to think of end of tenancy cleaning as general cleaning that you can handle in a few hours. The DIY approach wills most likely lead to unsatisfactory work as you may not have the manpower and equipment needed to clean accumulated dirt and stains.

Hiring a professional end of tenancy cleaning service has several advantages:

  • Convenient – If you are pressed for time but still need to do the cleaning, a cleaning service will handle the job even if you are not present.
  • Cheaper – When you engage a cleaning service, you pay for the whole package including labor, equipment and cleaning materials. This is cheaper than having to incur these costs for a one-time job.
  • Less risky – If you are averse to handling harsh cleaning chemicals, you transfer this risk to the cleaning service.

Make a checklist

You understand your house best, so you know which areas need more work than others. Make a checklist of all the tasks to be done, and give it to the cleaning crew. This checklist is also useful in asking for price quotes as cleaning services have an accurate idea of the scope of work.

Ask for price quotes

Some people complain that end of tenancy cleaning is costly. You can expect to pay more if you don’t compare price quotes from different cleaning services. Pick two or three price quotes and compare them wholly instead of using price as the only factor.

You can negotiate a bigger discount with the several price quotes in hand as cleaning services will be willing to undercut the competition to secure the contract.

Inspect the work

Always inspect the work to ensure that the cleaning service followed your checklist. This will be easier than raising a dispute when the cleaning service has already left the site. You can ask the landlord to do an inspection as well.

End of tenancy cleaning should not be a headache. Follow this basic end of tenancy cleaning advice for a successful inspection.

Why the Volkswagen Golf is so Popular and Why Get One

Although German cars are known for their excellent engineering, the Volkswagen Golf is in a class of its own. Since its first appearance in 1974, the Golf is a common appearance the world over. It is popular for its good build and robust performance that come at affordable price. Just why is the Volkswagen Golf so popular?

Well-built interior

The Golf has an ergonomic interior with leather upholstery. The chairs and steering wheel are very adjustable for a comfortable driving position. The height of the seats is also adjustable for a good vantage point. The wide windows and narrow pillars give views that are only seen in higher SUVs.

Spacious cargo holds

All Golf versions have spacious cargo holds that are not found in hatchbacks of the same size. The classic Golf comes with 52.7 cubic feet of cargo hold, while the SportWagen comes with 66.5 cubic feet of cargo hold that is only rivaled by vans. These higher loads are capably by engines with good pulling power.

Sporty performance

The Golf gave the world the sporty GTI, a racy hatchback that showed that functional family cars do not have to be boring. The Golf R churns out 290HP of torque which is good enough to go toe to toe with racier SUVs like the Subaru Forester.


All current Golf models come with rear parking sensors and autonomous braking for city and built-up areas which kick into action when the sensors detect an impending accident. The Golf also features seven airbags.

Quiet performance

The most favorite engine must be the 1.4 liter TSI 125 engine. It has been praised for smooth and strong performance while keeping the ride quiet. All Golf engines are well suppressed keeping the interior very quiet.

Stability and handling

Along with racy performance comes superior handling. The Golf will remain firmly planted even when cornering at speed. The sporty GTI and R versions have drive-mode select which gives choice between normal relatively hands-free driving, and sporty mode with more excitable handling while remaining very stable.

Wider choice

The Golf model has a version for everyone. There is the classic Golf that is a spacious hatchback for everyday family use. There is the Golf GTI which is for the younger family people who want some oomph from their everyday car. There is the e-Golf which is for those who believe in doing something for the environment. The true racer has the Golf R with its monstrous engine matching those of top range SUVs.

Which Volkswagen Golf Should You Buy?

It is no doubt the Volkswagen Golf is the most popular hatchback in the VW family. Many buyers looking for a Volkswagen know they want Golf but will not readily point out which one to buy. Here are different Volkswagen Golf models, their specs and why you should buy them.

Classic VW Golf

This is the first model of the Golf. Why is it loved?

  • High fuel efficiency
  • Upscale interior
  • Impressive cargo space


  • 7 cubic feet of cargo space
  • Turbocharged engine generating 170 HP and 199 lb.-ft. torque

This is a good quality car for a person with a limited budget. It starts at $20,175 for the 4-door model.

Golf SportWagen

This Golf model takes on the SUV crossover look with an elongated body and a roomy cargo hold. It offers more modern features. Buy this car if:

  • Are looking for long distance drives with good fuel mileage
  • Are looking for a roomy family car with a sporty performance


  • A turbocharged engine producing 170 HP and 199 lb.-ft. of torque
  • 5 cubic feet of cargo hold
  • 36 Miles per Gallon

Volkswagen e-Golf

This is VW’s electric model. Buy it if:

  • Have a short commute
  • Are looking for an experience with a good performance car


  • Electric engine producing 115 HP and 199 lb.-ft. of torque
  • 3 driving modes- Eco+, Eco and Normal
  • Electric engine range of 83 miles

This car is only available in select states including California, Connecticut, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont or Washington D.C.

Volkswagen Golf GTI

This is the Golf version for drivers looking for a sportier performance. Buy if:

  • Are looking for a hatchback that can hold its own on the road
  • Enjoy sporty driving once in a while
  • Are looking for performance with functionality


  • Driving mode selection
  • Sports specs suspensions
  • Turbocharged engine generating 210 HP (220HP with performance package), and 258 lb.-ft. of torque
  • 7 cubic feet of cargo space

Buy this car if you like revving up on the highway once in a while in a car that you can use in your usual commute.

Volkswagen Golf R

This Gold model packs more punch than the GTI. It is also the priciest of the Golfs. You will want it if:

  • You are looking for more performance features


  • All-wheel drive called 4-Motion in the VW
  • XDS+ four differential locking
  • Turbocharged engine generating 292 HP and 280 lb.-ft. of torque

This is the car for a true racer looking for a stock car that can race with the best.