6 Questions to Ask Before Renting Rooms

Getting decent and affordable rooms to rent in Manchester can sometimes feel like a hit and miss affair, with all the competition for the few available desirable accommodations in the city. In this hectic hustle for accommodation, many tenants overlook asking important information that could prevent later problems with conmen, financial quarrels with the landlord, and relations with housemates. If you are looking for a flatshare Manchester, it is important that you get answers to some of these questions.

Do I need a guarantor?

Many landlords will want to see your credit history. If you are a student or someone without a credit history, the landlord will want a guarantor from someone who knows you. Sometimes, this is a stumbling condition if you have no close relative or acquaintance in the city.

Can I customize the rooms as I want?

The typical tenancy agreement requires that you restore the rooms to their original condition when moving out. However, many landlords will want to be notified when you are modifying your rooms if you have to drive in nails, add fixtures on the wall, or put up your favourite wallpaper. Ask about this so that your tenancy deposit can remain secure.

Can I keep a pet?

Many landlords do not allow pets. Some allow small dogs albeit with a pet security guarantee. It is important to know this beforehand because you could be forced to give up your pet or look for alternative rooms when you’ve already paid. Also, ask about people visiting with their pets. Will be the pets allowed to come in?

What is the policy on communal areas?

If you are in shared rooms, will you be paying to use communal spaces like the gym or laundry room? What are other conditions on using communal areas? How many guests are you allowed in the common living room? What is the limit on loud music? Who cleans these communal spaces? Ask as many questions as possible regarding common spaces to avoid conflict with other roommates.

Can I sublet my room?

If you are a student going for a long vacation and do not want to let the room go, can you sublet it to make the rent as you wait to get back? You can post your room to rent Manchester on sites like Room Hunters that allows you to post ads for rooms to rent in the whole of UK. If you take up an apartment with a spare room, can you list it on Airbnb for extra cash?

What if one roommate does not make the rent?

This is an important question to ask if you are in a house share arrangement. Does the landlord hold each tenant responsible, or will all the tenants bear the costs of penalties?

Ask these questions lest you violate your tenancy agreement, or find that your tenancy is becoming more expensive than you expected.