End of Tenancy Cleaning Advice to Pass Inspection

Are you looking to do end of tenancy cleaning, and are not sure how to go about it? Indeed, end of tenancy cleaning could end up costing you a lot if it is not done the right way. The landlord has a right to dispute a shoddy job, and hold on to your tenancy deposit. Many tenancy disputes arise from this type of scenario. Here is some end of tenancy cleaning advice to ensure that the job is done first time right and passes the landlord’s inspection.

Hire a professional cleaning service

It is easy to think of end of tenancy cleaning as general cleaning that you can handle in a few hours. The DIY approach wills most likely lead to unsatisfactory work as you may not have the manpower and equipment needed to clean accumulated dirt and stains.

Hiring a professional end of tenancy cleaning service has several advantages:

  • Convenient – If you are pressed for time but still need to do the cleaning, a cleaning service will handle the job even if you are not present.
  • Cheaper – When you engage a cleaning service, you pay for the whole package including labor, equipment and cleaning materials. This is cheaper than having to incur these costs for a one-time job.
  • Less risky – If you are averse to handling harsh cleaning chemicals, you transfer this risk to the cleaning service.

Make a checklist

You understand your house best, so you know which areas need more work than others. Make a checklist of all the tasks to be done, and give it to the cleaning crew. This checklist is also useful in asking for price quotes as cleaning services have an accurate idea of the scope of work.

Ask for price quotes

Some people complain that end of tenancy cleaning is costly. You can expect to pay more if you don’t compare price quotes from different cleaning services. Pick two or three price quotes and compare them wholly instead of using price as the only factor.

You can negotiate a bigger discount with the several price quotes in hand as cleaning services will be willing to undercut the competition to secure the contract.

Inspect the work

Always inspect the work to ensure that the cleaning service followed your checklist. This will be easier than raising a dispute when the cleaning service has already left the site. You can ask the landlord to do an inspection as well.

End of tenancy cleaning should not be a headache. Follow this basic end of tenancy cleaning advice for a successful inspection.